Headband Boxing Ball


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This is all the rave!!! Celebrities, kids, pro athletes, you and me will all enjoy this! Make a fun viral video with your friends, great gift idea or get a couple for the siblings to keep them entertained for hrs! Fun and functional. 

IMPROVE YOUR REACTION SPEED - big gains in reaction speed using this reflex speed ball, since such a small target travels at a high speed at you, your brain response time will improve dramatically if persistent in training with our Boxing Ball. Its a no brainer.

improve your hand and eye coordination. It is also great for kids that want to improve their reflexes and coordination.

1 SIZE FITS ALL - This reflex ball fits anyone from kids to adults. adjustable string length design, you can switch between multiple users without the need to retie the string every time you switch like all other punching balls on the market.

IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL HEALTH - Exercise is crucial for a healthy life. boxing  ball is a good alternative for cardio training. It will work all muscle groups and let you enjoy the fun of boxing training in your spare time. It can greatly mobilize every muscle in your body and make you energetic in your work and life.